and practical
recyclable and reusable

Eco Carton by Italpack cartons

Initially launched as a beer Carton, Eco Carton was created for consumers to take home from the Bar or Pub some of their favourite brew which is why the carton comes in two sizes, KING SIZE (up to 1200ml) and PRINCE SIZE (up to 600ml).

Eco Carton by Italpack Cartons however had further thoughts about its practicality and realised that it has many more uses than just for transporting liquid drinks.


Convenient and Practical…

Eco Carton can be used for all kinds of products such as hot and cold liquid (as long as they are not spirits), hot prepared meals such as Pasta, Rice, Stews, Vegetables, Soups and much more. Dry goods are also very happy in Eco Carton. It’s a great storage container especially for sugar, oats, nuts, salt, spices – so many opportunities for you to explore !

The reason for its Conical shape is for ease of distribution and can easily be stacked just waiting to be filled with your favourite product. Its clever closure will make it easy for you to pour from and store.

Oh – we almost forgot. It is happy to be in the freezer with your best leftovers ready to be re-heated …